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What is the biggest challenge for any Tribute Band? To win over the HARDCORE fans!

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The Killers most dedicated superfans call themselves 'The Victims'. 


The Kopycat Killers played at The Victims Convention in Lincoln, England.


These are 200 Killers fans who between them have seen 'The Killers' over 3,000 times and travelled from 14 countries (including, Australia, USA and Canada) for the show. 


This was a 33 song, 2.5 hour set (the the longest set ever performed of Killers material, by anyone, including the Killers themselves!)  for an audience of the harshest and most knowledgable punters imaginable. 

Feel free to get a reference from or query any of these testimonials by going to our Facebook reviews page and asking a question in the comments of each review.

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