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The Kopycat Killers are a phenomenal tribute band, from Newcastle, England, who headline the biggest tribute festivals in the world on a regular basis. 

Vocalist Stuart Rook has over 20 million streams on Killers covers by internationally successful

producers (think billions of streams) and fans all over the world have not been able to tell the difference.

They playing their first gig ins Ireland - at SUPERB venues - and also playing on the night will be Scam Fender +  Subarctic Monkeys

- so a fantastic value TRIPLE BILL.

The Kopycat Killers are a phenomenal tribute band, from Newcastle, playing their first gig in Leeds in 4 years - at a SUPERB venue - Saturday night, doors at 6pm - first band, Sub-arctic Monkeys will start at 7pm - and also playing on the night will be Scam Fender 

- so a fantastic value TRIPLE BILL.

"The best Tribute Band I have ever seen, and I have photographed hundreds" 

Duncan Cowley - Gig Photographer

"I've seen the Killers 50 times now in 9 different countries and honestly, The Kopycat Killers were so brilliant.....I'm still feeling blown away by how amazing it was"  -Vikki Moran (Killers superfan)

"I closed my eyes and they sounded just like the real Killers (who I have seen 36 times) - I am still coming down to earth" - Jill Penny (Superfan)

"I've seen the Killers and Brandon 50 times, all over the world....of the 3 Tributes I have seen these guys are the best, they were fantastic" - Amanda Ward (Superfan)

“What a band. They blew Tribfest apart! The whole band had so much energy and the likeness in voice and style to the original band is incredible. Delighted to have them headline the whole festival in 2021 (...and 2022)”

Ed Faulkner - Tribfest Director (The biggest Tribute Band Festival in the World) 


6pm Doors

1 0pm Curfew

18+ Show

Websites - // // http://subarcticmonkeys.comOasis 96

Instagram - // //

-- "Best tribute band I've ever seen, and I've photographed hundreds" D.Cowley

-- "Scam Fender sound great to be fair, this is great" - Greg James Radio One - 7.2.22

-- "I've booked tribute in LA for years, this is the best of the best" - Steve Ochs

-- "I've seen Killers 50 times in 9 countries, I was blown away by this tribute" - V.Moran

-- "They sound exactly like the Killers! (who I've seen 36 times)" L.Johnson

-- "Outstanding Vocals - Is this a cover or a remix?? It's unclear...." (on huge 'Mr Brightside' cover)

H undreds more testimonials -

- ------

T YPICAL RUNNING ORDER/TIMINGS (please, PLEASE check instagram pages + your emails!! the night before for exact timings)

CAMDEN TIMES - Roughly - Doors 5pm, Oasis 6pm, then Monkeys, then Scam, Killers around 8.45pm

- ----

S ub-Arctic Monkeys - Arctic Monkeys songs - 45 mins

S cam Fender - Sam Fender songs - 40 mins

T he Kopycat Killers - Killers songs - 60 mins

- ----------

N.B - As per the videos below (please check them out) - this is T riple Tribute Show performed by the same musicians + Stuart Rook on vocals. They perform all of this music all over the UK as the individual, separate acts - which coming together for this special-length show.

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