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On this page are dozens of testimonials for the band from satisfied customers.

There are also 2 further pages that are full of testimonials for the band - linked to below.


1. 100+  more on Facebook Reviews  

2. A separate page for our testimonials from 'Superfans' of the Killers who call themselves The Victims' 




Selection of reviews of/online confusion over Stu Kopycat Killers' copycat vocal on EDM 'cover/remix' of Killers track ('blessed by the Killers') released by a huge (over 2 billion worldwide streams) producer. Sources include industry websites, whole youtube disucussion videos and reddit threads on the subject.


"Those vocals sound pretty close to Brandon Flowers don't they?'s unclear as to whether this is even a cover or a remix.......discussions on reddit seem to debate what's going on to.....if it really is a cover, the vocal imitation is the best (thing) going for it" -

"Outstanding vocals" -

"No, it's the exact same (original Brandon Flowers) just sounds a bit different without the guitars and drums.......they must have got permission to use the sample" - Reddit discussion thread.


11/10. I thought you’d be good, but you were absolutely brilliant. Really phenomenal. Easily one of the best, if not the best, tribute band I have ever seen - hence my wanting to re-book you for 2021 on the spot!”

Jamie Truelove - Festival Director - Revival Festival Blackpool

“What a band. They blew Tribfest 2018 apart!​ As the festival director for Tribfest I try and get around the site and watch a few songs from each band to get a feel for them. However, on this occasion I was drawn into the Kopycat Killers from their very first song. The whole band had so much energy and the likeness in voice and style to the original band is incredible…a totally magnificent performance, a truly remarkable performance”

Ed Faulkner - Festival Director of TRIBFEST - The World Biggest Tribute Festival. August 2018 (KK were rebooked in 2019 and again to headline the whole festival in 2020). 

"I closed my eyes and they sounded just like the real Killers (who I have seen 36 times) - I am still coming down to earth" (read more comments from Killers Superfans 'The Victims' - here)


Jill Penny - 'The Killers' Superfan. April 2019

"What you get with The Kopycat Killers is the absolute Rolls Royce of Tribute bands - what struck me in particular is that they are musically, to a man, absolutely superb"


Jason Bushby - Festival Director of Darlington Summer Sounds + Gisborough Priory Summer Sounds. April 2019. (KK were rebooked to headline the entire Summer Sounds Festival at Guisborough Priory in 2020). 

"I've seen the Killers and Brandon 50 times, all over the world....of the 3 Tributes I have seen these guys are the best, they were fantastic". 


Amanda Ward - 'The Killers' Superfan . April 2019

"The Kopycat Killers are the best tribute band I have ever seen, and I have photographed hundreds...." 


Duncan Cowley - Tribute Band Photographer - saw Kopycat Killers on 5th July 2019

"You guys are the most professional show I have ever seen and worth every penny of your fee. Sublime. Thanks guys!" 


Jeff McGowan - Band Booker at Tributes On The Hill Fest. (KK were rebooked to hire the entire festival in 2020). 

"As Promoter at DF Concerts I’ve seen The Killers live many times including when I got to see the real deal close up when we had them play a secret midnight show in King Tut’s after TRNSMT 2018. I then booked the Kopycat Killers to play King Tut’s on the 15th Anniversary of Hot Fuss and I have to say, having seen them - they were absolutely amazing. I will be immediately re-booking The Kopycat Killers next time I need a Killers tribute act." 


Craig Johnston - Promoter at DF Concerts/Kings Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow. June 15th 2019. 

"A shockingly good tribute to 'The Killers' - they tribute the sounds and show so well that there is literally nothing more that you would want from a tribute band. Above all the musicianship is top tier and the performance damn near perfect" 


Big Foot Events. 2019. 

"Hardcore Killers Fans must be the harshest critics - I've seen the Killers 35+ times and you smashed it, you were fabulous". 

Carol Chubb - 'The Killers' Superfan . April 2019

"They are A-MAY-ZING! I even forgot I was watching a tribute band, they are soooo good. Many of us spent money on long travel and hotel but NO-ONE regretted it. 33 songs with the same energy from the first song to the last". 

Laurie Fromont - Superfan + Head of the Mark Stoermer Fanclub. April 2019

"At the Big Tribute Festival, we take pride in booking the UKs very best tribute bands across the weekend. The Kopycat Killers absolutely rocked the main stage on Sunday evening. Superb stage presence, great attention to detail and a greatest hits which wowed the 5000 strong crowd. We look forward to having them back again soon.". 

Steve Pickup - Festival Director - Big Tribute Festival, Aberystwyth  - August 2019.

(NB - Video of this gig is here + KK were re-booked to headline the mainstage the next year in 2020). 

"Absolutely smashed it - the crowd were buzzing! I've had so many people complementing your likeness to the real thing - it was everything I had in my for the headline performance. Amazing, just absolutely amazing. It was just perfect". 

Miah Kirton - Giant Leap Events at Sophosfest 2018 (Corporate event for company with over $1 billion revenue). September 2018. 

"Everyone LOVED your set! fabulous. I received lots of amazing feedback about you guys. Stuart was amazing, he owned that stage.... and a super voice too!"


Leila Cooper - Moonbeams Events. August 2018.  

"An Amazing Tribute Band. Having put on 1000's of bands over the last 15 years, I can honestly say the Kopycat Killers are one of the best. On top of that they are super nice lads who are very easy to work with"


Richard Milner - Director Livewire Sound + Staging. September 2018.

“Absolutely incredible, blew the roof off the place. Class set honestly and delivered such a

good night”

Adam MacNaughton – Band Booker, Trinity College May Ball 2018. (A £300 a

ticket event). June 2018. 

“Stellar performance, awesome”


James Bowrun – Band Booker Durham Uni. Veteran of Fake Festivals circuit. June 2018. 

"They look great, they sound great, they put on a good show and are really nice guys - a brilliant addition to any line up"

Rob Atkin - Event Director - Rat Race Events (7,000 attendance event at Big Top Tent, Burghley House, Peteborough) May 2018.  

"Everyone loved it. You sounded amazing and you looked amazing. Thanks for rocking our Xmas party and I would definitely book you again."

Emily Ringrose - Booked Kopycat Killers for Dr Martens Shoe Company Xmas Party at Club in Camden in 2018.

"Absolutely blew everyone away!! Every bit as good as the real thing FANTASTIC and 100% will be returning, I'll make sure of that."

Brian Reid - Booked Kopycat Killers for Alloa Town Hall in October 2018. 

"I couldn’t recommend the Kopycat Killers enough and we would love to have them back! 

At Royal Holloway Students Union we run over 300 late night events a year. Live music is something we have our heart on and the Kopycat Killers were a great addition to our roster. If you have seen their powerful and energy driven performances on website and social media, that is exactly what you get! Stu and the band, read the audience well, performed for a solid 90 minute set and got our students singing along for the whole evening"

Kyriacos Shionis, Venue Operations Manager (Events & Entertainment) - Royal Holloway Students Union. Jan 2019. 

"AMAZING!!! absolutely amazing!!! Having seen The Killers in concert I can honestly say these guys are just as good if not better than the real thing!!!"

Faye Armstrong - Booked the Kopycat Killers for her Wedding in February 2019. 

"We’ve seen the Killers maybe 20 times and the likeness is uncanny, you don't understand how impressed I am, honestly! You rock the Brandon thing to a tee 👌🏻You lads sound unbelievable, fair play !!! 👍🏻"

Gavin Kelly Cottle - Killers Superfan, Bristol (Facebook). Feb 2019. 

"The performance was sensational - loved by all of our guests . Stu and his band were an absolute dream to work with and went the extra mile to make sure everything went ahead as planned". 

Alok Kumar  - Booked for Durham University Hatfield College Lion in Winter Ball. March


"I wouldn't even describe these guys as a Tribute act, doesn't do them justice. They were ace, very slick. Will definitely catch them again". 

Emma Hughes Maillard  - 'The Killers' Superfan. April 2019.  

"I've seen the Killers 50 times now in 9 different countries and honestly, The Kopycat Killers were so brilliant last night, did an incredible job....I'm still feeling blown away by how amazing it was....couldn't be happier with the performance, professionalism and all-round likability of the Kopycat Killers. Thankyou doesn't cut it ". 

Vikki Moran  - 'The Killers' Superfan. April 2019.  

"What a joy to have a band who plan and perform like the consummate professionals they are! The whole performance was slick and exactly like the real thing….. A great addition to our corporate party!". 

L.Hayes  - Organiser of Corporate Event for Company with over £800m annual turnover, Autumn 2019. 

"I'm in Los Angeles and I'm a co producer on a tribute band-oriented show (yeah, I know; it's gonna be while... ).


I watch a LOT of tribute acts both live, back when I could, and in videos like these.


First, if forced to choose this minute, based on actual years of 'research' (watching tribute bands), I would name the Kopykat Killers the best of the best.


Second, since the pandemic began, I have been upset because I'm a normal human being, but I haven't cried. It turns out this video was the straw that broke the camel's back. It made me cry out loud. Not because I love the Killers so much... I do love them, but come on... but because of the audience. The tribal group experience of a crowd of fans celebrating the music they love by bouncing and singing at the top of their lungs is someplace I've been regularly pretty much my whole life. That joy, that energy, is priceless and beautiful and, for the foreseeable future, gone.


That the KK can produce that as well as their subject is high art, that we can't get together and do this, is tragedy. Sigh".

Steve Ochs - Youtube Comment - August 25th 2020


What is the toughest task for ANY tribute band? To win over the HARDCORE fans! Killers 'Superfans' are called 'The Victims'. 'The Kopycat Killers' played at their Convention in Lincoln, UK in April 2019. Between them these 200 'Victims' had seen 'The Killers' over 3000 times, and travelled to the UK for the gig from 14 countries worldwide - the toughest possible crowd for a Killers Tribute band. 

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We've also collected our Facebook Feedback here for you..........

Facebook Reviews / Comments on Sold Out Newcastle 2019 Show

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