The Kopycat Killers first formed when frontman Stuart was told for the 200th time at one of his own gigs (in his originals rock band Lux Lisbon) that he 'sounds just like that bloke out of The Killers' and, being a huge fan, thought, "well why not!" - and set about assembling his band from his contacts in both the London and Newcastle rock scene, all of the highest calibre and to a man incredible and hugely experienced rock musicians with University Degrees in their respective instruments. 


In Lux Lisbon, Stuart has sold out his own shows at venues that 'The Killers' themselves have played, such as Bush Hall and London Scala and now, as the Kopycat Killers the guys have headlined shows to thousands of people at events such as :-


1. Tribfest (The World's Biggest Tribute Festival - see videos

2. University Balls (some £300 a head) at Cambridge, Oxford, Durham, Keele, Royal Holloway, Loughborough etc.

3. Other 'Fake' Festivals, Beer Festivals, Market Squares and Big Top Tent events. 

4. The Killers Fans 'Victims' Convention - 200 fans who have seen the Killers 3000 times between them, travelling from 14 countries to hear us do the longest ever Killers Song Set of 33 tunes. 

5. Several high profile corporate events for some of the biggest brands in the world (i.e with annual turnovers of over £1 billion).

6. 'The Garage' (which The Killlers chose for their 2013 post Wembley Stadium Secret Show among many others and invited us to headline their in house promoted 'Killers Night').

7. Kings Tut's Glasgow (which The Killers chose for their 2018 Glasgow secret show and invited us to play 'Hot Fuss' in full for their 15th anniversary show). 

You can read hundreds of testimonails from these events and others on our testimonials page. 


The Kopycat Killers attention to detail is intense, featuring authentic tones and sequenced studio sounds to emulate 'The Killers' own, backing musicians, along with the stage wear, the instruments, set choice and decoration (including the Killers own famous 'K' keyboard stand), it's all present and correct.

Above all though, the musicianship, energy and the atmosphere created is top tier - and as huge fans, they take recreating The Killers wonderful songs and amazing shows very seriously indeed. Come say hello at a gig soon!