The Killers Tribute Band | Newcastle Upon Tyne   


"The best Tribute Band I have ever seen, and I have photographed hundreds" 


Duncan Cowley - Gig Photographer

“What a band. They blew Tribfest apart! The whole band had so much energy and the likeness in voice and style to the original band is incredible. Delighted to have them headline the whole festival in 2020”

Ed Faulkner - Tribfest Director (The biggest Tribute Band Festival in the World)

"I've seen the Killers 50 times now in 9 different countries and honestly, The Kopycat Killers were so brilliant.....I'm still feeling blown away by how amazing it was


Vikki Moran (Killers superfan. NB - read more testimonials from 'The Victims' here).

Side by side comparison with the (ACTUAL) Killers....with testimonial from the man who booked both of us........ 



The Kopycat Killers first formed when frontman Stuart was told for the 200th time at one of his own gigs (in his originals rock band Lux Lisbon) that he 'sounds just like that bloke out of The Killers' and, being a huge fan, thought, "well why not!" - and set about assembling his band from his contacts in both the London and Newcastle rock scene, all of the highest calibre and to a man incredible and hugely experienced rock musicians with University Degrees in their respective instruments..........[More on 'about' page]